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Chelsea Singh is a renowned international DJ & Producer. From an early age Chelsea knew DJing was for him, he knew from the first moment he stepped into the Ministry Of Sound and heard the sound, bass, music, piano riffs and vocals that he would be instantly hooked. Week after week he would beg resident DJ’s to let him DJ, and after a lot of persistence, he finally was given the opportunity.  Stepping into the music scene, with a bold gesture of filling in for a DJ at Bobby's Bar in Tenerife. From that day he saved up his pennies and bought a pair of Technics SL1210 decks.


This then led to him becoming a resident at the Rulin in the Ministry of Sound to then ventured across the world from Buzby’s and Bobby’s bar in Tenerife to O Beach in Ibiza. You would catch him one week DJing on a fifty million pound yacht in Monaco to tearing up the stage in Peru for the Organica Gathering full moon parties. Now with 25 years under his belt and playing alongside the biggest names in the industry from Carl Cox to Boy George he is a force to be reckoned with. With his own unique signature style, a retro flair with a twist of charm, he not only captivates the audience on stage but off stage too.


On Weekdays Chelsea shows his live radio skills, from being a resident with Centreforce FM 88.3 and Flex FM to now hosting every Wednesday at Select Radio FM 99.3 from 8am-10am.


Chelsea Singh has released ten tracks so far which have all done incredibly well on Beatport. One of the tracks is recorded with Kathy Brown, you are likely to be familiar with their track Anthem. 2020-2021 brought the world to a standstill. But full of passion, Chelsea didn’t want to let the current crisis stop him from his DJing. From releasing new records to playing weekly for DJ Taxi he made the most of a bad situation.

Chelsea Singh is in great demands last year he had over 186 bookings. You can see his roster below over a six week period as to how busy he was.




Countries Played In -

Brazil  - Poland - Dubai - United Kingdom - Spain - Sweden - Argentina - India - Uruguay -

Mykonos - Chile - Lithuania - Russia - Tenerife